Here’s an idea for Thursday, 20. 7. 2017 evening for all culture lovers. We suggest visiting the Tartini Theatre in Piran at 7.30 pm to see the play Služkinji (Les Bonnes). Directed by Evan Loboda with Lana Deu Angel, Tonja Senčar and Igor Štamulak as actors, it is a masterpiece of very talented young local artists, who are fulfilling their talents abroad as well. Služkinji (Les Bonnes) Author: Jean Genet Translated by: Radojka Vrančič Director: Ivan Loboda Actors: Lana Deu Angel, Tonja Senčar, Igor Štamulak Costume design: Lana Deu Angel Scenography: Ivan Loboda and Lana Deu Angel Light design: Jaka Varmuž 1911. France. Paris. Place Vendôme. Palace. Lord and Lady. Grotesque. Lady and Lord. Claire. Solange. There is no Lord. Claire and Solange. Murder. Claire is Madame. Our Lady is Lady. Solange is Claire. There is no Lord. Servants in the service costumes. A terrible muddle. Room. Our Lady is hysterical. Self-extinguishing. Awning. Solange is insane. Prison. The Lord is taciturn. Claire is Claire. Lace. Porcelain. Fur. Tea. Murder. Uneven red velvet. White veil. Lime tree tea. Tickets: 7 € You can buy tickets at the reception of Avditorij Portorož from 8.00 to 12.00, an hour before the start of the play at the Tartini Theatre Piran or online: It is also possible to book tickets at the tourist agency Maona in Piran. See you there!